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The irony of (finally!) sitting down to finish this post on April 3rd…2022, when the timestamp of the initial “first attempt” shows October 5th, 2021 cannot be lost in the fact that this is a post about my top 3 motivational / inspirational content creators who helped me navigate through the troublesome 2020 and 2021. Ultimately, those who know me either from The Acupuncture Clinic, the AcuVlog, or just as “research nerd Sandro” will know that WYSIWYG (…and there you go: two paragraphs in and here’s the first nerdy / techie joke) 😂

For those of you reading this wanting to find inspiration and motivation, here is a bit of “what you see is what you get” – we ALL seek inspiration and at times need a little extra motivation from content creators. These are my current top 3 – the ones that helped me navigate the end of my MSc and the months that followed, leading to my first, first-author publication.

The changing clinical landscape in acupuncture for women’s health: a cross-sectional online survey in New Zealand and Australia.

Graca, S., Betts, D., Roberts, K., Smith, C. A., & Armour, M. (2022). The changing clinical landscape in acupuncture for women’s health: a cross-sectional online survey in New Zealand and Australia. BMC complementary medicine and therapies, 22(1), 94.

You can read the full paper by clicking the link or scanning the code on screen:

Graca et al 2022
2020 and 2021 motivational content creators
Kaelyn Apple Grace YouTube channel

Long story short, when I was staying up crazy hours writing my MSc Dissertation, I found Kaelyn’s inspirational YouTube videos and she would “keep me company” in the background.

We studied “together”, laughed together, cried together…and that little extra motivation helped me to stay focused and productive! Studying can be lonely (especially during the pandemic!) and finding “your tribe” can make all the difference in your success. 

When Kaelyn started Accepted Society, it was really a no-brainer for me to join and avail of their expertise.

I can highly recommend that you check out Kaelyn’s YouTube channel and consider joining Accepted Society, so you can take your academic career to new, exciting heights!

If you are nerdy about tech, love reading great books, and are passionate about productivity tips, then you will be very familiar with Ali’s work.

It is actually quite difficult to summarise all that I have learned from Ali’s awesome content and how he keeps offering great advice! Wuick example: it was through one of Ali’s videos that I really got to pay attention to (and practice) faster typing. 

Ali Abdaal YouTube channel

Confession time: this morning, I watched Ali’s latest video about book recommendations and after that, I decided to sit down and finish this page – because of his inspiration and motivation (…and because I want to clear off my to-do list so I can read some of the books he recommended) 😉

Andy Stapleton YouTube channel

Along with very informative YouTube videos, Andy has also compiled super useful information on his e-book (which I got and I can highly recommend), his blog is also full of great tips, and of course: Academia Insider.

A great place to start is by signing up to Andy’s newsletter and going through the five emails you will receive over two weeks packed with exclusive content. Oh, and of course, join Academia Insider 😉 

Andy’s YouTube channel has so much great content that I am feeling guilty for sending you there and impacting your short-term productivity… Nevertheless, I can tell you that it will pay off because you will learn so much from someone who’s “been there, done that”! 

⚠️ This is MY experience and your mileage might vary 🤷🏻‍♂️ – these content creators helped me with their content and I would love to know which ones helped you.

It would be impossible to list ALL the YouTube channels but you will discover for yourself that sometimes a particular creator will lead you to another, and another, and so on… For example: it was through Ali Abdaal that I found UnjadedJade. Jade publishes great YouTube videos, inspirational social media content, and has a great book: The Only Study Guide You’ll Ever Need.

One of Ali’s recent YouTube videos reminded me of this when he spoke about Jade’s book.

Ali Abdaal and Unjaded Jade

Good luck with your exploration and I wish you all the best in your career! Stay focused, find your motivation(s), make the most of what and who inspires you…and remember to support those around you!

Be kind and be healthy,


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