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Hello friends!

Earlier in May 2022, I had the pleasure of joining Dr Tsao-Lin Moy for a live presentation and discussion organised by the American Acupuncture Council 🎥 📺 🙌

Evidence-Informed Acupuncture Practice – a bright future for our profession:

  • Use research literacy to inform and further improve your acupuncture treatments;
  • Contribute towards “tomorrow’s classics” with Case Reports from your own clinical practice;
  • Build a strong Evidence-Informed Practice in acupuncture for menstrual and reproductive health.

The result is here for you all to enjoy and learn from, so you develop your Evidence Informed Acupuncture Practice and ensure a bright future for our profession! 🤩

Thank you all who were present during the live event for your comments and the continuing support towards my research work and the dissemination through Evidence Based Acupuncture.

🎤 Evidence-Informed Acupuncture Practice: a bright future for our profession. Dr Tsao-Lin Moy interviews Sandro Graca, MSc, Lic TCM, FABORM, and one of the Directors at Evidence Based Acupuncture.

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